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The ownership structure is comprised of two shareholders, namely Beier Industries and Erez Thermoplastics. Each shareholder has a history of success in the coating industry, enabling the current merged company to enjoy a base of excellent technical, production, and sales expertise.


Our advanced knowledge of material inputs, manufacturing processes, and our technical skills allow us to manufacture a broad range of standard as well as innovative products, and also a strong ability to undertake customer specific product developments. We have invested in a new state of the art production line, and continue to invest in plant improvements, further enhancing our production capacity and product quality.


Neucoat exports its products to Australia, North America, Europe and a number of African Countries.
All exports are dispatched from our Durban Factory, via the Port of Durban - Africa's busiest general cargo port and home to one of the largest and busiest container terminals in the Southern Hemisphere.

Branches and Distribution

Our manufacturing and head office are based in Pinetown. We have warehouses and sales offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, allowing us to distribute our products nationwide within very reasonable delivery times.
We carry significant amount of stock in our standard items, and can specially manufacture a customised item, usually with minimum run requirements.

Our Mission

  • We at Neucoat aim to develop and improve our company, to act in its best interest so that it in turn may continue to provide for us.
  • We aim to obtain profits by producing a quality product that is value for money; we aim to keep reasonable prices by lowering costs and increasing efficiency.
  • We aim to benefit our company and society through constant research, development and innovation.
  • We aim to please our customers, and at all costs, uphold our promises to them.
  • We aim to service customer needs promptly and accurately.
  • We aim to provide an excellent product at an appropriate price, with an exceptional level of service.
  • We aim to make our workplace pleasant, clean and safe through providing pleasing surroundings and by paying attention to needs.
  • We aim to compensate fairly and accurately, to reward extra effort with extra benefit, and to develop employees through training and upliftment.
  • We aim to provide competent management, with actions that are just and ethical.
  • We aim to provide advancement for those deserving, and development for those willing.
  • We are responsible to the communities in which we exist, we support good works and charities, and bear our share of taxes.
  • We aim to keep our environment clean and healthy, and efficiently use the resources it provides for us.
  • We maintain in good order the properties we are privileged to use.

We value our customers and treasure their support.

We aim to provide an excellent product at an appropriate price, with an exceptional level of service.

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Our Accreditations

  • ISO TS 16949

    2009 (automotive)

  • ISO 9001


  • BB BEE

    Level 5

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