Automotive Range

Automotive Range
Seating Vinyl
  • Seating Vinyl designed for Automotive seating specification
  • 90grm Polyester knitted backer
  • Premium coating quality to the automotive specification
  • Specialized post lacquering process (increases life span)
  • Tight color and gloss tolerance

Taxi flooring - a special thin product with high abrasion resistance which is glued directly onto the metal floor of the vehicle being refurbished. It contains the carpetweave emboss so that it most closely resembles a carpet like appearance.

Taxi Flooring

Heelmat - a fairly thick and stiff unsupported (no backer) product that has high abrasion resistance and is used on the vehicle carpets where the drivers heel rests continually. This heelmat section then prevents the carpet from damage by the drivers heel.

For up to date information on the various colours and widths available as stock items, please contact your nearest sales centre as listed in our contacts section.

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