Furniture Upholstery

Neucoat manufactures a range of products designed for different applications in the furniture manufacture and re-upholstery industry. Typically coated on a non-woven backer, these products provide the required luxurious soft feel. A light jersey knit backer can also be used as a substitute.

We are able to achieve a variety of different aesthetics on these products by making use of our variety of finishing options. These include a range of embosses, printing rollers, and lacquers that can adjust the sheen of the finished product.

When feasible Neucoat matches color and appearance of its products to that of the genuine leather for instances when the two are used in combination.

For further available options on customising your furniture product, please see the Transfer Coated Products overview section.

The Furniture Product Range includes:

PVC Products

This is a PVC based product range which is fairly cost effective. It is designed for use in non-contact areas. Applications include uses on headboards as well as backs and sides of couches.

PU Finish Products:

A more durable product designed for full upholstery of lounge suites. These products provide a high abrasion resistance, high oil extraction resistance, and good hydrolysis resistance.

For up to date information on the various colours and widths available as stock items, please contact your nearest sales centre as listed in our contacts section.

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