Grain Cover Tarpaulin

Grain Cover Tarpaulin

Grain cover tarpaulin material is a direct coated product specifically designed for grain storage. The current formulation of this product is the result of many years of R&D and in field testing.

The PVC formulation is designed to achieve the following properties: -

  • Limited reaction between the PVC and gases used for fumigating the grain.
  • High resistance against damage due to high UV exposure.
  • A unique PVC formulation which significantly reduces the transfer of toxins from the grain cover into the grain itself.
  • Heat reflective to reduce the temperature of the grain underneath the cover.

Proprietary Ice Blue additive which effectively reduces heat transfer.

Neucoat is the original developer and manufacturer of this product. To avoid disappointment, please ensure that your Grain covers contain the Neucoat product, rather than one of the imitation products available on the market

For up to date information on the various colours and widths available as stock items, please contact your nearest sales centre as listed in our contacts section.

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