NeuFlex – Outdoor Stretch PVC Coated Vinyl

NeuFlex is a premium PVC coated stretch fabric designed for outdoor Stretch/Flex tent structures. Neucoat is the developer and designer of this unique product with the following properties:

  • A premium PVC formulation suitable for outdoor exposure.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Fire Retardancy complying with international Standards.
  • Water repellent base fabric.
  • Excellent adhesion between the PVC coating and the base fabric preventing delimitation under stress.
  • Excellent weldability.
  • Proprietary inhouse manufactured base fabric enables consistent control and repeatability of the tensile and burst resistance.

We have designed the PVC formulation to achieve the following attributes:

  • Durable quality with a long expected lifespan.
  • Stretch ability that matches the stretch properties of the basecloth.
  • Clean ability

This product is the next generation in stretch tent fabrics, its benefits over the laminated 2 ply and 3 ply products are as follows:

  • More cost effective
  • Water proof for longer periods
  • Expected life span
  • Excellent adhesion

We are able to customise the NeuFlex product in one or more of the following ways:

  • Change the colour of the backing fabric by using different coloured yarns in our knitting process.
  • Change the colour of the top PVC surface by using a different colour pigment in our PVC formulation.

For up to date information on the various colours and widths available as stock items, please contact your nearest sales centre as listed in our contacts section.

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